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TRACE INTUITIVE - The ultimate real-time customer engagement platform.

Trace allows you to identify in real-time key customer activities, immediately notify relevant people and then initiate measurable actions by your staff, all from the same easy-to-use platform.

Powered by Trace, the Host App can help you identify in real-time uncarded high-turnover players on your gaming floor, notify your staff - and then measure if they approach these players, provide them free offers and sign them as a members on-the-spot.

To easily to identify all your customer’s activities, Trace comprises four modules:

Host App identifies real-time activities on your gaming floor.

Patron App identifies real-time activities on customer's smartphone app.

Points Terminal (TCT) identifies real-time activities at Bingo and local businesses.

Redemption Terminal (Kiosk) identifies real-time self-service activities.

How Can Trace Help Your Club?

IdentifiesIdentifies in real-time key carded and uncarded VIPs on the gaming floor.

Portable sign-up of new members and renew membership at any location.

Proven results - fast ROI - triple your investment in as little as three months.

Fast, easy implementation – get your venue up and running in just a few weeks.

Integrates with Metropolis and Astute - brings all your systems together in one place.

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