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Card It

‘The future is about player flexibility, player choice and player convenience’

'Don’t cash it... CARD IT™'

CARD IT™ is a card based transfer system that can be used anonymously for non-members with CARD IT Red and for your members with CARD IT Blue. It has all the benefits of ticket in/ ticket out technology (TITO), but with operational savings. It is the Eco-friendly solution to cashless gaming in a modernised single card system.

CARD IT allows for the quick transfer of credits on and off EGM’s with minimal cash handling and attendant involvement. With CARD IT, your player can move more quickly and freely between machines increasing your customer’s re-investment rate and utilising less staff for the venue (the re-allocation of staff effectiveness).

The plastic mag-striped card will help you stay leading edge and will give your venue longer life, increased security and less cost of replacement.

The product is venue based, allowing you the peace of mind that your data is just that – your data. Venue and player data is kept onsite for access and verification at all times. This applies across all aspects of the Metropolis system.


CARD IT – Venue benefits include

  • All the benefits of TITO without printer hardware costs
  • Uses a standard mag stripe card
  • Functionality can run parallel with Cashless and TITO
  • Secure and anonymous for all players
  • Eco-friendly solution
  • Operational savings including ticket

CARD IT – Player benefits include

  • No waiting for hand pays
  • No downtime for printer issues
  • Move quickly between EGMS’s
  • Maintain anonymity


CARD IT is available on all gaming machines, which means no extra cost for installing the system on non-compatible machines.


CARD IT has all the benefits of TITO, but minus the hardware costs such as ticket stocks, printer hardware costs and payout books, which means more operational savings for your venue.


CARD IT’s plastic mag striped card will help you to keep up with technology in the era of card based consumerism allowing your venue to be leading edge and to say goodbye to printer and paper issues.


CARD IT is available for all patrons at your venue whether they are members or just visitors.


Your players can move more quickly and freely between machines which will help to increase your customer’s re-investment rate and to re-allocate staff effectiveness.


CARD IT Member (Blue) gives the player the ability to have points automatically accrued, which in turn will drive customer re-visits to your venue.